Integrated Courses


CA Target (Level-1)

Complete & Systematic study as per Board syllabus (CBSE/BSEB/ICSE)

CA(level-1)alongside 11th+12th Course.

Intensive practice for Mathematics

laying a Strong Foundation to easye the coplexity for Charterd Accountancy course.


CLAT Entrance(Target)

Complite & Systematic study as per Board Syllabus(CBSE/BSEB/ICSE)

Laying a strong Foundation to ease the comlexity for CLAT Entrance Examination

Admission in a reputed Law Universities

Intensive practices for English Communication Analytical Skill & Legal Debate

Importance Of Integrated Courses

Experts in the field of education agree that integrated programs have innumerable benefits in terms of both professional progress and in-depth knowledge. The noticeable benefit of the integrated degree course is that it saves a year of the student. The integrated courses considerably increase the efficiency of the students and effectiveness of the knowledge program.